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How to Use Drill Bit Sharpeners

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How to use Drill bit grinder

Did you know that you can use drill bit sharpeners instead of replacing worn out drill bits? Drilling dulls bits, and worn drill bits cause drills to work harder and wear out faster. A drill bit sharpener gets bits sharper than they are when you buy them. The  drill bit sharpener uses a diamond grinding wheel and an aligning jig to execute precision sharpening. It's quicker and much more precise than sharpening with a grind wheel and support tables. Extend the life of your drill by using precision sharpened drill bits. Here's how it works with a Drill Doctor 250 Handyman drill bit sharpener.

1.Place a drill bit into the holding chuck for sharpening. Turn the chuck knob counterclockwise to open the chuck. Put the bit into the chuck with the point sticking out. Turn the chuck clockwise to close around the bit firmly, then turn slightly counterclockwise until the bit is loose enough to move in and out.

2.Press and hold the pusher button on the opposite side of the aligning tube. Insert the pointed end of the bit into the aligning tube. Line up the flats on the chuck with the flats in the upper and lower barrel of the aligning tube.

3.Look through the alignment view window. Press the drill bit forward until it touches the drill stop. Let go of the pusher button.

4.Look through the alignment window and turn the drill bit until the clamp arms settle inside the flutes. Tighten the bit securely by turning the chuck clockwise. Hold the pusher button down and remove the chuck with the aligned bit that is now ready for sharpening.

5.Put on safety glasses or safety goggles. The Drill Doctor sharpener uses an internal grind wheel which can throw small metal shavings.

6.Turn the sharpener on. Slip the drill bit into the sharpener tube. Line up one of the white marks on the chuck with the fin at the top of the tube. Now turn the chuck clockwise until the other white mark lines up with the fin. Do not push inward on the chuck as you rotate it. Small bits need little pressure and few rotations to sharpen. Larger bits will need more turns and greater rotational pressure


Tips & Warnings

Clean the sharpener and chuck occasionally to ensure proper alignment and sharpening. With the sharpener unplugged, vacuum out the sharpening and aligning tubes, or turn upside down and shake out the loose metal particles. Wipe the insides of both tubes with a clean dry cloth. The chuck comes apart with enough counterclockwise turns. Use a small brush or air compressor blower to clean away debris.

Drill bit tips will be extremely hot after sharpening. Allow bits to cool for at least five minutes before touching the tips.


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By Nancy lee

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