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identify of cutter grinder

Time:2011-03-19 15:27:23     Views:     Keywords:How to identify the quality of cutter grinder  


How to identify the  quality of cutter grinder
We are china main manufacturer of cutter grnder,drill bit grinder,end mill grinder,chamfering machine .but there are many model and type of cutter grinder,as a customer ,do you know how to choose a cutter grinder ?
As a buyer ,you must take purpose and quality , budget ,after sale service into consideration.
About purpose ,if you need high precision for your cutter,our GD-U3,GD-40,or GD-6025Q with digital readout.the GD-U3 and GD-40 precision is 0.01mm,GD-6025Q with digital readout is 0.005mm.
if you need multifunctional cutter grinder,the GD-U2 or GD-U3 can fit with three attachment to do the function of drill bit grinding and end mill grinding ,lathe cutter grinding .and our tool grinder,GD-600 or GD-6025Q also can fit on six different attachment .in the whole,tool grinder have more function than cutter grinder.
About the quality ,as you know the quality of cutter grinder is mainly  including quality of spindle,motor,appearance and its precison.you can use a swinging watch to test its precision of spindle ,and listen to the sound of motor when it works.if the sound is low ,it is good .you can also ask about the certificate of the machine ,our machine have got CE certificate.
We are manufacturer ,so the appearance can custom-made,if you have big order.
Our GD-U2 is best-selling all over the world ,since its good quality with appropriate price .its precision is 0.02mm.
If you need cutter grinder with not very precision and low price ,we also have GD-20A or
LMM-10A,KDM-10B,KXM-10C.they are sell well in our china market ,since it can meet most buyer’s requirement ,and with low price .
About the after sale service ,our warranty is one year ,and if there are spare part break down ,we can send you for free,but you have to pay the freight.
In the whole ,we will try our best to meet customer’s requirement and in the mean time since we are now rapid development ,so we need agent or distributor for our machine from all over the world.
Dongguan city gongda precision machinery

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