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Drill Bit Sharpening Instructions

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Drill Bit Sharpening Instructions

If you're like most people, you continuously purchase new drill bits because you never get around to sharpening your old ones. A new masonry bit may seem like a small expense, Drill bit grinder is more good for you to use for sharp used drill bit. now  i give you some instrctions about sharpening the drill bit.
There are many types of drill bits available for use in the tool market, and each type is usually designed for a specific use on a particular substance. Using the right drill bit for the job can save a great deal of time and money on buying replacement bits, but keeping drill bits sharp can be equally effective and will reduce wear and tear on the drills they are used in.

1.Compare pricing. When choosing a grinding wheel, it can be tempting to select a standard carbon wheel over its diamond wheel counterpart because the carbon wheel carries a much lower price tag. After using each type of grinding wheel, however, it will soon become apparent that the diamond wheel will long outlast the carbon wheel, making the extra expense a worthwhile investment, most especially for sharpening drill bits.
2.Check the bits before use. A diamond grinding wheel will have the ability to sharpen many different types of drill bits, composed of various metals and composites, without wearing down quickly. These types of drill bits include carbide, carbon steel, cobalt, high speed, masonry, standard, and titanium nitride bits. Be sure to mount the wheel properly onto the bench grinder and give the fastening points a good check to ensure that it is mounted properly before using.
3.Protect yourself from injury. A pair of gloves and safety goggles will be needed before sharpening drill bits. The gloves are essential protection for your hands because the drill bit metals will quickly become heated through the sharpening process. The gloves will also help to protect your hands from the damaging surface of the grinding wheel in case of slips or accidental contact with it. Just as importantly, safety goggles can prevent painful injury from flying particles of metal or dust that can easily become lodged in the eyes。
4.Turn the grinding wheel on the low setting and hold the drill bit either by hand, or with a pair of pliers that can grip the smooth, rounded portion of the bit. The conical, pointed end of the drill bit is the portion that will need to be sharpened because this is the part that does most of the cutting. Align the drill bit so that the grinding wheel can lightly and evenly file away the top layer of the slopped drill bit tip. Keep the bit angled so that the wheel only comes in contact with the slopped tip evenly, and rotate the bit, applying continuous and even pressure, until the tip is properly sharpened.
When the drill bit tip has been sharpened, place the smooth, rounded portion of the bit into a bench vise and tighten so that the bit will not move under pressure. Use a metal file to smooth off any stray metal flakes and to define the edges of the twisted grooves of the bit. The twisted grooves are designed to channel the drilled material away from the hole as it is drilled, and must not have any rough edges for material to get stuck on. It is essential to regularly clean out the twisted grooves, removing any stuck material and smoothing out the grooved channels for this same reason. In the case of flat bits such as wood bits, only the slopped edges should be sharpened, and a metal file may be necessary for sharpening the portions that are harder to reach.

Tips & Warnings

Be sure not to grind away too much of the drill bit's tip when sharpening! This will decrease the life of the bit and may result in rendering the bit ineffective for future use.


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