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Drill grinder

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Congratulations to the kuril machinery to become "China machine tool industry association" member!


Approval according to the articles of association of China machine tool industry association, "dongguan thousand machinery manufacturing co., LTD." to be "China machine tool industry association" member!

Reaffirms the kuril enterprise progress, and on a new step!

Approval number: in the bed of the word (JXS - 043)
The release date: April 2016
The period of validity to: on December 31, 2020
China machine tool industry association (English abbreviation CMTBA) is approved by the ministry of civil affairs of the People's Republic of China has the corporative qualifications of social group national social group, was established in March 1988, standing firm in Beijing.China machine tool industry association in China machine tool industry manufacturing enterprises as the main body, by the relevant enterprises or enterprise groups, management companies, scientific research and design units, institutions and composed of voluntary groups, not for the purpose of making profits, not restricted by local governments or departments subordinate relations and ownership of national industry organization.
中国机床工具工业协会以维护全行业共同利益, 促进行业发展为宗旨。在政府、国内外同行业和用户之间发挥桥梁、纽带和中介组织的作用;在国内同行业企业之间发挥自律性协调作用。进入新世纪后,中国机床工具工业协会坚持以服务为宗旨、发展是硬道理的指导思想;坚持以政策引导、经济规律运行、市场机制推动和法规约束的原则开展工作;坚持以突出时代感、讲究参与度、提高服务性、推进国际化为特征;为实现中国由机床大国转变到生产强国而努力奋斗。
China machine tool industry association main task is to:
1, the research situation and development direction of the machine tool industry, reflect the requirements of the industry enterprise from the government;
2, accepts the commission of the government departments, industry development planning, industrial policy recommendations;
3, the industry of statistics and information management work, set up key link enterprise network, regularly publish industry analysis of economic operation and import and export information;
4, common hot issue discussion industry organization, industry exchange activities;
5, to promote the enforcement of the industry technical standards, to improve the industry product quality and management level;
6, commissioned by the government department, industry injury early-warning work to undertake the machine tool industry;
7, establish bilateral cooperation relationship with overseas industry associations and provide service for industry enterprises to carry out international exchanges and cooperation;
8, through self-discipline, standardize industry, promote the industry enterprise fair competition;
9, build industry web site, WeChat and new media like weibo, newspapers, magazines and publishing special information;
For Chinese and foreign enterprises to provide 10, host machine tool exhibition, product exhibition, technical exchange and trade platform.China international machine tool exhibition (CIMT) every single year held in Beijing.China nc machine tool exhibition (CCMT) every double year held in Shanghai.
Images: RongHe member of the association

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