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three ways to choose endmill grinder

Time:2011-05-27 10:52:05     Views:     Keywords:endmill grinder,cutter grinder  

four ways to choose endmill grinder


So according to 3 step, you can choose which one is most suitable for you to sharp your endmills.
Hope all the people will find a good way to sharp endmill.
by sunny dai

A endmill grinder is one of the most important types of grinding tools.it could save cost for the endmill user.
Dongguan city gongda precision machinery Co.,ltd have 3 different model endmill  grinder, how to choose a suitable endmill grinder is very important.Now I give some way to choose it.
First you should you know the diameter of endmills you need to sharp.this is the first most important step.
model GD-313 GD-66 GD-600with50Dattachment GD-600with 50E attachment
capacity 3-13mm 3-28mm 3-28mm 3-28mm
Then make sure the material of your endmills, different material use different grinding wheel.
CBN for HSS,
SDC for carbide
The thrid step is to check the sharp of the endmill
model GD-313 GD-66 GD-600with50D attachment GD-600with 50E attachment

2,3,4,6,blade of general endmill 

high precision

2,3,4,6 flutes HSS endmill ,carbide endmill.

relief,cutting  edge of miller,drill,reamer,also can grinder ball endmill,tape guide cutting edge.etc

high precision

2,3,4,6 flutes               3-28mm endmill 2,3,4,6 flutes                3-28mm r-type endmill

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