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Product Details
High speed cutting-off machine(VEC-300)
High speed cutting-off machine(VEC-300)
Model: Cutting-off machine
Place of Origin: china
Certificate: CE
Delivery Time: 15days
Payment Terms: T/T,PAYPAL,western union,
Packaging Details: wooden case

Product Name:High speed cut-off Machine
High speed cut-off machine
1.The operation is simple, precision safety, economical make mold time
2.The crest needle cuts off noodles smooth.Neat.Make molding tool product beautiful
3.The organization designs reasonable, moving convenience, and establish to pack safe knob
4.Break down not easily, have no a vibration, the noise is small, the dust is little
5.Consume the electricity province usage cost low, incise the slice as standard slice, change to pack in brief
★Specification parameter:
Cut off accuracy:20 ±s 0.10 mmses
The least cuts off scope: grow a 500 mms 3 mms
Biggest cut off scope:breadth 1000 mms 25 mms
Emery wheel:150 ×s 19.05 ×s 1 mms
Turn soon:3600 rpms
Measure a Chinese foot:300mm(0.02) 500mm
Power:0.75 KWs
Weight:about 90 kgs
Machine size(long × breadth the × is high):620 ×s 420 ×s 450 mmses
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