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Product Details
dividing head cs
dividing head cs
Model: Dividing head
Place of Origin: china
Certificate: CE,ISO9001:2000
Delivery Time: 10days
Payment Terms: T/T,L/C,paypal
Packaging Details: wooden case



Super rotary table
CS-8 with VSK-8 3-JAW chuck

Outer diameter 167(mm); Inner diameter44 (mm)
This index combines the advantages of the Super Index with those of a worm-geared index. When mounted on a milling, boring or other machine tool it can carry out single-purpose indexing and indirect indexing using the worm-drive mechanism.
Disengaging the worm drive the 24-notch master plate permits 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 12 and 24 dividing in the same manner as the Simple Index. When the chuck is removed, the unit can be used as a horizontal and vertical type rotary table.
The operating handle to rotary table worm gear reduction ration is 1: 90. The operating handle collar is graduated in one minute, and readings down to ten seconds can be set on the verier.

  specification CS-8 CS-6
Center height mm 150 130
center diameter of the spindle mm Φ119.774 Φ80
locating diameter of the spindle mm Φ212 Φ170
graduated disc of spindle 360degree 360degree
modules of worm and worm gear 1.5 1.25
transmission ratio of worm and worm gear 1.90 1.90
showed degree of worktable per revolution of worm 4degree 4degree
minumum value of vernier 10'' 10''
width of the locating key mm 16 16
matched chuck k31210A K31167A
24 divisions individual error 25'' 25''
worm gear dividing error 60'' 60''
net weight kg 77 50
gross weight 88 60
case dimensions mm 490*425*380 470*350*360


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