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Product Details
Chamfering machine(GD-900)
Chamfering machine(GD-900)
Model: Chamfering machine
Place of Origin: China
Certificate: CE,ISO9001:2000
Delivery Time: 15days
Payment Terms: T/T,Paypal,L/C
Packaging Details: Wooden case


Chamfering machine(GD-900)

1. Line speed is serveral times more than ordinary processing.
2. Chamfering machine complex high-speed desktop regardless of processed are straight or curve and irregular inside and outside the cavity of the chamfer edge, 3D chamfer easy alternative to CNC machining centers, general machine tools equipment parts can not be processed chamfering.
3. Can be widely used in mold manufacturing, metal machinery, machine tool manufactures, hydraulic parts, valves manufactures, Textile machinery and the removal of the chamfer milling, Planing and other machining burr generated.
4. This machine is light weight, easy to operate, can effectively linear, irregular curve of the chamfer cutting, saving technology installed cards time, power(0.75Kilowatts per hour)
5. To overcome the existing machinery and power tools processing disadvantage, with convienent, fast and accurate advantages, it is best choice for the metal objects cutting chamfers.

Power: 3/4HP(750W), 220V/380V
Liner ministrie speed: 11000RPM
Currve ministrie speed: 5600RPM
Line ministrie chamfer depth: 0-4mm
Curve ministrie chamfer depth: 0-3mm

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