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ER collet motor punch former
ER collet motor punch former
Model: Grinding machine accessory
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 ER Collet Motor Punch Former
 This adjustable speed motor punch former can avoid fatigue that occurred by
 using  hand for a period of time.
 Shape the punch into a round shape in efficient time, thus make the cost efficiency.
 ER Collet punch former has applied with ER collets which flexible with smallest 
 For workpiece diameter smaller than 4mm,apply ER 16 collect with ф20mm outer   
 diameter .
 The punch former clamps workpieces rapidly and more steadily when in
 processing and it is functioning without checking the center .
Center height:                                 80mm
Roller driver motor:                         110V /220V 50 Hz 
Speed:                                            50~300 R.M.P
ER size :                                          ER 16,ER32,ER 40
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